Pork Spare ribs




We had two Chelsea Winter spare rib recipes ( links above)  to chose from and because I couldn’t decide which one to make , decided to really go to town and try both. The  “sticky pork spare ribs” are towards the bottom right of the picture; recipe   from her website  and the “smoky spare ribs “are pictured top left;  a recipe she developed for Chelsea Sugar. They were both great but we were split 50:50 which tasted the best.  The sticky ribs were very soft falling off the bone, the smoky ribs had a bit more bite to them but still tender to eat.

The sticky pork spare ribs are cooked slowly for 2 hours at 160c while wrapped in foil then baked at high temperature 220c for 15 minutes to finish browning. The younger girls; miss 9 and her friend and dad preferred these sticky soft ribs.

The smoky pork ribs  were marinated the day before and cooked in 200c for 30- 40 minutes. Miss 14 and her friend and I preferred the smoky ribs.

My preference was for the smoky ribs because there is less time needed in the kitchen on the day you want to cook and preparing in advance is not difficult. Both recipes make copious amounts of sauce. I only used half of the smoky sauce and froze the other half rather than make a dipping sauce. And I also halved the sauce for the sticky ribs and made a dipping sauce from the cooked liquid remaining in the tray from braising.

Here is the converted recipe for Thermomix

Smoky spare ribs 


  • 30 g olive oil
  • 1 small onion
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 tsp sweet smoked paprika
  • 2 tsps cumin powder
  • 2 cups (500g) beef or chicken stock
  • ½ cup (125ml) tomato sauce
  • 2 tbsps apple cider vinegar
  • ½ cup (125ml) Chelsea Treacle ( used maple syrup as we didn’t have treacle  )
  • 2 tbsps Chelsea Caster Sugar
  • 12 (1.8kg) pork spare ribs


  1. Add garlic to tm bowl, chop speed 7, 3sec. 
  2. Add onion to tm bowl, chop speed 7 for a few seconds
  3. Add  30 g olive oil to tm bowl
  4. Sauté garlic onion and oil 3 minutes , varoma temp, speed 2
  5. Add all other ingredients and simmer with MC off  15-25 mins , 100 c , speed 2.   (Kept adding more time cooking until the sauce thickened , we used maple syrup instead of treacle so it may have been runnier )
  6. Pour half sauce over ribs and marinate overnight in fridge or for 4-5 hours.
  7. Roast ribs in oven over a wire rack for 30- 40 minutes at 200- 220c, basting with marinade and turning occasionally, or until golden and cooked through. –
  8. Return the remaining sauce to small saucepan and simmer over low heat until it thickens and becomes syrupy. Allow for sauce to cool and pour into dipping bowl. ( Nb we didn’t use the other half as dipping sauce just froze for use as marinade another day and I upped the temperature to 220c for the last 10 minutes cooking the ribs to increase the browning )

For the sticky rib recipe, I halved the marinade ingredients and used the Thermomix to make the marinade then followed Chelsea’s instructions for baking 2 hours and browning the ribs in the oven.


Poached eggs in silicone moulds

imagePoached eggs in silicone moulds

The poached eggs method from the Basic cookbook was definately not our favourite way to poach eggs. Dropping the eggs through the lid into the steamer meant losing  some of the white in the bowl and in the steamer and you’re limited to two eggs at a time , we’ve tried doing three but it’s even messier.

Our go to method for poaching eggs with the Thermomix has been the shell on method which is still fun for the spectacle of seeing the eggs drop whole out a small hole in the shell but even then it’s done best with room temperature eggs which we ever seem to have because ours are always in the fridge (http://www.recipecommunity.com.au/basics-recipes/perfectly-poached-eggs/126178)

We’ve found this super easy method from superkitchen machine blog and I like that the eggs are neatly poached in a silicone mould. The bowl is filled with 500g water. Place the eggs straight from fridge in the moulds into the steamer basket and steam 11-13 mins , varoma temp, speed 3.


The eggs are steamed perfectly, whites are cooked but still soft , and cutting into the yolk , you can see the runny in the centre. The kids enjoyed seeing them as cupcake shapes for the novelty factor too. Next time we might try adding some of the toppings. Nb may have to lessen the time if using room temperature eggs.




Beef salad with peanut sauce


We are on the long summertime school holidays and after a walk on the beach, an easy salad is called for. Used the Peanut Soba noodle sauce recipe from new Festive Flavour cookbook.   ( halve sauce quantity next time )A similar recipe is posted above.  Grilled rump steak, sliced finely , tossed into salad topped with toasted  pinenuts. Used thermomix to coleslaw up some cabbage, tossed in cucumber and carrots. The dressing made in seconds in with Thermomix  (chopped garlic and ginger first 3 sec, speed 7 , then added the other dressing ingredients and mixed at speed 7 until combined) Miss 9 doesn’t like dressing so we left in a jar to be added separately. Makes enough dressing for two or three meals,  yum.


Spring rolls

imageSpring rolls

Spring rolls



We had some leftover cabbage, pork mince, a couple of chicken thighs and a small container of rice noodles.  Used the tmx to coleslaw up the cabbage, onion and carrot finely. Then minced the chicken thighs by pulsing a few times in tmx. Pan fried all the ingredients with some soy sauce, hoisin sauce and threw in the cooked chopped noodles at the end, salt and pepper the filling to taste . ( the recipe from taste.com added cheese which we replaced with Asian sauces)   miss 14 and I rolled the filling into Spring roll wrappers. Sprayed with a little canola oil before air frying for 5 minutes at 200C. Served with lime and sweet chilli sauce makes a light lunch and froze a dozen for cooking another day. Whilst they don’t look like the food you see in magazines, no food styling and photo editing used here, this is easy non fussy family friendly food.

NB made a few vegetarian ones with just raw cabbage and carrot and these were just as tasty. It just goes to show these will always taste great as long as there’s a good dipping sauce.


Here’s the most popular recipe from the community if you want to use the Thermomix for the cooking the filling too. We find sometimes the pan works well for larger quantities.









Pea and bean dip

Crushed pea and bean dip

A new recipe from the latest TM recipe book and chip, Festive Flavour. I tried this delicious dip at the last Thermomix course. The pea and bean dip is made by steaming peas and edamame beans in varoma then combining with avocado, spring onion and lemon juice. Blitzed for a few seconds and it’s done.  We didn’t have broad beans but substituted with more peas and an extra avocado and left out garlic and horseradish. Added a bit more lemon juice, also had to substitute some leftover blue vein cheese for feta as we couldn’t be bothered making a trip to the supermarket. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

The vibrant green is so appealing and everyone loved the flavour of this zingy dip. We ate it for lunch with toasted pita bread. Husband, who is not usually a fan of dips, really loved this dip and spread it on so thickly that he ate almost 2/3 of the whole bowl. Makes a large bowl, be perfect for entertaining and is a a great way to up the greens. I love the guided chip recipes, still easy enough to alter them to suit as you go when you don’t have all the ingredients.




Christmas day ….I can safely say that the Thermomix saved us from kitchen meltdown. From chopping garlic and onion, steaming potatoes, making coleslaw and salads, bread rolls, dressings, sauces, marinades and the biggest pavlova we’ve ever made. Above picture is our 16 egg pavlova. Doubled the guided pavlova recipe from the BCB to make two rounds the size of our oven trays and then sandwiched together with cream and more cream. Found the same recipe on the recipe community and posted above. Awesome, we love the crispy outer and marshmallowy centre. Just need to remember to turn temperature down to 120c when putting  it in the oven. Left in oven overnight to cool.

Used all the eggs yolks when crumbing the chicken a couple of days later. Nb  Yolks can frozen for use later too. Or could be used to make any of the ice cream recipes from the BCB as well.

Steamed salmon

Steamed salmon


Picture taken a bit too late. We couldn’t stop eating the salmon from this easy 5 star recipe. It was so soft , it melted in your mouth and was delicious. Steamed in varoma with ginger, spring onion, garlic, and a lemon, honey, soy sauce dressing  over the top. So yum!

nb if salmon is thicker, may have to steam 12-15 mins , check cooked to liking  and seasoning and reduce honey to 5g so not too sweet .


Hash browns

Hash browns


We love hash browns and we  were keen to try this recipe from thermokate. Kids peel the potatoes while I  peel a little onion, whizz it up in the tmx for a few seconds, strain liquid in the basket, then add egg, flour salt and pepper and ready to pan fry. We didn’t bother using the rings, doesn’t have to look to fancy. Never have to buy hash browns again, light tasty and so easy, a great snack item after school or light meal. Prefer this recipe to the potato pancakes in the basic cookbook.


Mongolian Lamb

Mongolian lamb
Mongolian lamb


This is the Mongolian lamb hot pot guided recipe. ( someone has copied to the recipe community and used beef and substituted hoisin sauce for kecap manis) It’s spicy, maybe too much for miss 9 but very tasty. The meat needs an hour marinating in fridge but you could do this in the morning and bring out for dinner later, the baking soda tenderises the lamb so well. Cooks in less than 10 minutes with the flavours of sambal olek and kecap manis . Served with rice on a bed of lettuce. Awesome another keeper recipe that can be added to the regulars. Highly recommended!