Spring rolls

imageSpring rolls

Spring rolls



We had some leftover cabbage, pork mince, a couple of chicken thighs and a small container of rice noodles.  Used the tmx to coleslaw up the cabbage, onion and carrot finely. Then minced the chicken thighs by pulsing a few times in tmx. Pan fried all the ingredients with some soy sauce, hoisin sauce and threw in the cooked chopped noodles at the end, salt and pepper the filling to taste . ( the recipe from taste.com added cheese which we replaced with Asian sauces)   miss 14 and I rolled the filling into Spring roll wrappers. Sprayed with a little canola oil before air frying for 5 minutes at 200C. Served with lime and sweet chilli sauce makes a light lunch and froze a dozen for cooking another day. Whilst they don’t look like the food you see in magazines, no food styling and photo editing used here, this is easy non fussy family friendly food.

NB made a few vegetarian ones with just raw cabbage and carrot and these were just as tasty. It just goes to show these will always taste great as long as there’s a good dipping sauce.


Here’s the most popular recipe from the community if you want to use the Thermomix for the cooking the filling too. We find sometimes the pan works well for larger quantities.