Hi there, welcome to our blog.

This is a diary of our family’s cooking experiences with a Thermomix TM5 purchased in November 2014. We are a busy family: me, my husband and our two daughters 8 and 14 years. The kids have activities after school and, like so many families at 6pm its sometimes a struggle to get good meals on the table, our new Thermomix could save a lot of time and produce healthier meals.

We will work through the guided recipes, find new ones to try from the thermomix recipe community pages, and convert our family favourites and see how they turn out. This blog will serve as record of our family’s favourite recipes made quick and easy with the thermomix. My lovely daughters this is for you.

How to navigate this blog:- If you click on menu and then click on the home page you can scroll down through all posts on this blog from most current back to the very first post in November 2014 when we purchased the thermomix TM5. You can also view the gallery and search for individual posts.

The thermomix is the kitchen machine that chops, whip, mix, emulsify, mill, knead, cook, blend, stir, steam, weigh and heat. Is it really the world’s smartest smallest kitchen? Does it really replace 12 appliances in the kitchen? Consider this our daily thermomix review.

Over a year ago I went to a demonstration of the earlier model Tm31 thermomix and was amazed  by its speed and capabilities of food processing and cooking but was put off by the price. A Thermomix consultant milled wheat into flour, made bread, converted sugar to icing sugar, made sorbet, made hummus,  made soup, cooked risotto, made beetroot salad, and custard for lunch in 2 hours whilst we watched and ate with little effort. As someone who already has a slow cooker, food processor/(s), bread maker, cake mixer, pressure cooker, air fryer just to name the basics, it was hard to justify another piece of equipment. But then last year, along came a new Tm5 model. And after a demonstration of the latest thermomix with its touchscreen recipe chip, I was sold. There were so many reasons to buy :- one touch cooking ( it turns itself off), multilevel cooking, self weigh ingredients directly into the bowl, self cleaning bowl,  over 170 guided touchscreen displayed recipes, huge recipe community sharing on the web, super fast powerful processor, and most importantly save my family from getting bored with the same meals, give my daughters a new cooking experience and have more control over what we use in our food and use more whole and fresh ingredients.

Top tv chefs like Heston Blumethal,  Masterchef’s George Columbaris, NZ masterchef winner Brett McGregor and many other Michelin star chefs use the thermomix in their restaurants and highly recommend it’s capabilities so I knew it worked.

What’s not to love, only the price. Time will tell.

Have fun reading this blog, I hope  the TM5 thermomix  lives up to its reputation!


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  1. Hi! Greetings from HK. So many of my foodie and cooking friends in Australia use the Thermomix and absolutely love it! Am still debating on whether to get one so will follow your blog closely 🙂 Love the pictures and commentary. Good luck with your culinary challenges.

    1. Hi from NZ, thanks so much for your comments, that’s wonderful, the Thermomix is inspirational for our kitchen, you’ll love it and fabulous for “baby food” too. On holiday right now but be back in the kitchen soon! Happy new year from our kitchen to yours. 😊

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