Poached eggs in silicone moulds

imagePoached eggs in silicone moulds

The poached eggs method from the Basic cookbook was definately not our favourite way to poach eggs. Dropping the eggs through the lid into the steamer meant losing  some of the white in the bowl and in the steamer and you’re limited to two eggs at a time , we’ve tried doing three but it’s even messier.

Our go to method for poaching eggs with the Thermomix has been the shell on method which is still fun for the spectacle of seeing the eggs drop whole out a small hole in the shell but even then it’s done best with room temperature eggs which we ever seem to have because ours are always in the fridge (http://www.recipecommunity.com.au/basics-recipes/perfectly-poached-eggs/126178)

We’ve found this super easy method from superkitchen machine blog and I like that the eggs are neatly poached in a silicone mould. The bowl is filled with 500g water. Place the eggs straight from fridge in the moulds into the steamer basket and steam 11-13 mins , varoma temp, speed 3.


The eggs are steamed perfectly, whites are cooked but still soft , and cutting into the yolk , you can see the runny in the centre. The kids enjoyed seeing them as cupcake shapes for the novelty factor too. Next time we might try adding some of the toppings. Nb may have to lessen the time if using room temperature eggs.