Caramelised onions

Caramelised onions

It’s pouring with rain outside  and there’s nothing to do than put on a movie and get the thermomix cooking something while we watch . Caramelised onions are easy to make in the thermomix . Around  6 onions peeled and sliced into rings , cook in thermomix with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for 30 minutes . Add 20g brown  sugar ( reduced from 75g in recipe as a few suggested in the comments section )  and cook for further 5 minutes and they’re ready to eat .  Recipe link above . Makes a decent jar full.

Perfect with Sunday sausage lunch .Miss 16 and Miss 10 loved the onions with the sausage in bread , and didn’t even need tomato sauce .

hint – place thermomix under extractor fan to minimise cooking vinegar smell.



French Onion dip

French onion dip

Fantastic another dip to add to the favourites, onion dip made from real onions, usually make this dip using the maggi onion soup mix and reduced cream so was happy to find this one making dip from sautéing real onions and then mixing with cream cheese to complete . Yummy dip for kids to eat with vegetable sticks. I halved the recipe as we only had a small tub of cream cheese and used onion powder instead of vegetable stock.


Pea and bean dip

Crushed pea and bean dip

A new recipe from the latest TM recipe book and chip, Festive Flavour. I tried this delicious dip at the last Thermomix course. The pea and bean dip is made by steaming peas and edamame beans in varoma then combining with avocado, spring onion and lemon juice. Blitzed for a few seconds and it’s done.  We didn’t have broad beans but substituted with more peas and an extra avocado and left out garlic and horseradish. Added a bit more lemon juice, also had to substitute some leftover blue vein cheese for feta as we couldn’t be bothered making a trip to the supermarket. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

The vibrant green is so appealing and everyone loved the flavour of this zingy dip. We ate it for lunch with toasted pita bread. Husband, who is not usually a fan of dips, really loved this dip and spread it on so thickly that he ate almost 2/3 of the whole bowl. Makes a large bowl, be perfect for entertaining and is a a great way to up the greens. I love the guided chip recipes, still easy enough to alter them to suit as you go when you don’t have all the ingredients.

Hash browns

Hash browns

We love hash browns and we  were keen to try this recipe from thermokate. Kids peel the potatoes while I  peel a little onion, whizz it up in the tmx for a few seconds, strain liquid in the basket, then add egg, flour salt and pepper and ready to pan fry. We didn’t bother using the rings, doesn’t have to look to fancy. Never have to buy hash browns again, light tasty and so easy, a great snack item after school or light meal. Prefer this recipe to the potato pancakes in the basic cookbook.


Rice Salad

Brown rice salad

Wonderful guided brown rice salad from the basic cookbook. Vegetables steam at same time as the rice which cooks in the basket. For extra flavour to the rice, added a tablespoon  of chicken stock paste to the steaming water.  Mixed in tuna, cherry tomatoes, olives, mint, parsley  and gherkins at the end. Perfect for lunch boxes and when you need to cook ahead. Yah easy dinner is done before midday.

Will try a friend’s suggestion next time, mix cooked rice with the chopped raw salad recipe from the basic cookbook as a change from cooked vegetables and add different combination of proteins and herbs and would take out time needed to chop vegetables too ( chickpeas/ bacon/ coriander/ roasted vegetables/ feta/nuts/cranberries)

Tip : let the rice and vegetables cool before assembling

Oakhill Potatoes and homemade chicken stock

Oakhill potatoes
Oakhill potatoes

Tonight I can’t resist repeatjng myself for this potato casserole mainly because it’s our favourite. If the Thermomix could only make stock and white (bechemal) sauce alone. I think I would have been tempted to buy it. With a sick teenager at home, there’s nothing better than homemade chicken stock made into a broth. You just know it’s “gotta be good” when the only ingredients are chicken, celery, carrots onions and herbs. Freshly made today, the broth is just the a tablespoon of  chicken stock  paste with 500 ml of water, chucked in some spinach and courgettes and poured over some precooked noodles. Chicken noodle soup ready in minutes with the freshest of ingredients.

With temperatures in the single digits, we all felt like a bit if comfort food so out rolls the Oakhill Potato recipe. Everything  is easily done in the Thermomix. Steamed potatoes and eggs in Varoma.  Then sautéed onion and bacon in TM bowl. Only a quick rinse of the bowl before making one step bechemal sauce (note the sauce may appear too watery at first but thickens on cooling) . Assembled in baking dish topped with breadcrumbs and cheese both grated in the Thermomix. There’s nothing more comforting than onion, potatoes, bacon, milk, cheese  and eggs. Served with a Beetroot salad and some tossed greens. For detailed adapted recipe, search this blog for the earlier post on Oakhill Potatoes.

Pickled Cucumbers

Pickled cucumber
Pickled cucumber


Pickled Cucumbers  ( family recipe adapted for Thermomix)

  • 1 telegraph cucumber or two small cucumber,
  • 1 tbsp coarse sea salt
  • 1½ cups water (330g)
  • ½ cup white wine vinegar (120g)
  • 3/4 cup sugar (155g )
  1.  Thinly slice (leave skin on) the cucumber – a mandoline is perfect. This should yield about four cups of thinly sliced cucumber ( I peeled the cucumbers above because these were normal cucumbers not telegraph)
  2. Place the cucumber in a colander. Sprinkle over the salt and leave for 30 minutes.
  3.  In TM bowl, combine the water, vinegar, sugar, and bring to the boil. 8 mins. 100c, speed 2. Remove from the heat and leave to cool.
  4.  Rinse the salt from the cucumbers and, using your hands, squeeze out as much moisture as you can.
  5.  Place the cucumbers in a large jar and pour the pickling liquid over them. Cover with a tight-fitting lid and refrigerate for at least three hours before using.