Quirky cooking fried rice



Technically not fried rice, but it’s healthy steamed rice with vegetables chicken and bacon from Quirky cooking online recipes . Really efficient recipe , love how the rice cooks in the basket while the vegetables and chicken cook in the varoma dish and tray above.  Makes a huge amount because we loaded the varoma quite full with vegetables , just need to make sure there is holes available for steam to get to the varoma tray as well .

French Onion dip

French onion dip


Fantastic another dip to add to the favourites, onion dip made from real onions, usually make this dip using the maggi onion soup mix and reduced cream so was happy to find this one making dip from sautéing real onions and then mixing with cream cheese to complete . Yummy dip for kids to eat with vegetable sticks. I halved the recipe as we only had a small tub of cream cheese and used onion powder instead of vegetable stock.


Chocolate and plum Brioche


Chocolate and plum brioche

School holiday baking, this is the guided spiced cherry brioche recipe from the Festive Flavour cookbook. Instead of cherries and spices , we filled the brioche wreath with chocolate chunks,  plums and cranberries. Easier than expected because there is only one prove required a the beginning. Filled two rolls and then plaited and joined to make the wreath .

Chocolate plum and cranberry filling


The recipe is almost same as this one above in the recipe community , only one tsp of salt not two and 40g of sugar instead of 30g. Slightly easier method , make two longish rolls and twist together then join to make one wreath. Bake 35 mins at 180c.

Delicious and impressive coming out of the oven today.

Chocolate plum brioche sliced




Feijoa jam




The recipe from Kandy on the recipe community is wonderfully simple.  There’s something so therapeutic  about taking the time to peel these homegrown  feijoas,  slowing the pace of life down to such a simple task to make this beautiful jam.

Reduced sugar from 700g to 500g. The quantity makes several 8 X 150ml jars or just under 3 X 500 ml jars.  And then used the skins to make feijoa cordial.

That’s happiness in a jar!




Banana honey pikelets

Banana honey pikeletsimage

http://www.trtlmt.com.au/banana-honey-pikelets/   Banana honey  pikelets from Road to loving my Thermomix’s blog above are a super easy Sunday breakfast for the girls, frozen the leftovers for school lunches. Added a little sugar for extra sweetness,  a dash a maple syrup on top is more than enough. Yah another recipe to add to the collection. She has so many amazing recipes to share its a fantastic tmx blog to get lost in.

Chicken and vegetable soup


From Chelsea Winters Everyday delicious cookbook, “soul chicken and vegetable soup”

Converted for Thermomix

2 carrots , 1 onion, 2 celery sticks chopped 4-5 sec in Thermomix speed 4 until chunky. Added 1.5 ltrs of water , 3 TB of tmx vegetable stock, 8 peppercorns and 1 bayleaf . Placed whole chicken in varoma over tm bowl and cooked 1 hr , varoma temp, reverse speed  stir.


Strain stock from tmx bowl, discard cooked vegetables and add the strained stock back to TM bowl. Shred cooked chicken and add back to tm bowl with 1 carrot, corn kernels, cauliflower ( used lettuce today)  and 2 celery sticks chopped. Cook 15 mins, 100C, reverse speed stir.

Salt and pepper to taste. ( can add cooked pasta to soup ) Comforting goodness in a bowl.




20 minute chocolate cupcakes



Piece of cake literally, tried this top rated cupcake recipe from the community , wanting a 5 minute prep time this is the one,  they’re ready for the oven. No need to ice, taste lovely and moist as is. We like the melt butter and add other ingredients recipes. Didn’t pulverise the chocolate too much so it’s like chocolate chip cupcakes. Ready for lunch boxes .

Chicken curry

Quick Chicken curry


Always looking for an new easy curry to try. The title of this recipe for quick chicken curry from the recipe community  sold it right away. Anything that says “quick” in the title is appealing and it has 15 glowing comments next to a five star rating.

Stock up on the dried herbs now, it is a winner and my Malaysian ‘curry connoisseur’ friend taste tested it and gave it the thumbs up which  says a lot. It’s a nice change from Thai curry and butter chicken and had a good heat . Should’ve noted one of the comments was to halve the chilli powder,  Miss 9 was hissing and running for water furiously but still ate it. Leave out chilli powder to make it kid friendly.

Added salt and some brown sugar to taste, even leaving out the fresh coriander by accident didn’t make a difference. We used 3 tsp of curry powder instead of curry leaves as one member suggested and only used cumin powder because we didn’t have cumin seeds.  It’s a delicious easy curry. And will be added to the regulars in the kitchen menu.


Chicken salad w Balsamic mustard dressing

Chicken salad with balsamic mustard dressing


Used Thermomix to steam green beans. Added 500g boiling water to tm bowl and  added beans to varoma  dish, steamed for 6-10 mins, varoma temp, speed 3 until just cooked, rinsed beans in cold water immediately to stop the cooking.

Assembled salad vegetables, cos lettuce, bell peppers, and beans with grilled chicken and topped with mustard balsamic dressing ( a link above ) made from the basic cookbook. Topped salad with roasted pistachios. Delicious crunchy refreshing salad, perfect food for the hot muggy summer weather.

Nb halved the balsamic dressing ingredients so we wouldn’t have too much leftover dressing but it can easily be stored in the fridge for later use.