Little Party Savouries

Mini quiches
Mini quiches – little party savouries

Great recipe ! Made these mini quiches using puff pastry today. They are perfect snack, lunch box or party food.  Another popular trending recipe from the community( link above ). The filling was made in a minute and makes either 24 mini savouries or  12-15 muffin size savouries. Next time chop bacon in thermomix first, before blitzing the cheese, onion and parsley. Then no need to cut anything.  Added some spinach and an extra egg. Kids can’t taste the onion, almost a whole onion in these savouries, because it’s blitzed  to a paste. Used two puff pastry sheets. The mini muffin tin size was too small, eaten in minutes, so made another two batches using normal muffin tin. Frozen in bags ready for lunches. Yippee … The only problem is cleaning the muffins trays..