Soft Paleo Bread Rolls (no proving needed)

Soft paleo buns
Soft paleo bread rolls
This recipe has been highly recommended. If you’re looking for paleo bread rolls  then they fit the bill, super soft straight from oven and still soft when cooled down. Made from psyllium husks, coconut flour and assorted seeds. The texture is not fluffy like normal bread but denser and slightly chewy, the  chia seeds add a little crunchiness which is nice. I used a tsp regular sugar instead of coconut sugar. The dough is quite wet but easy enough to shape and the time to make is significantly quicker than normal bread buns because there’s no proving required. Simply grind the husks then mix in the other ingredients.  Not sure if kids will like them, they may be too healthy for them!But they’re very filling. I just had one bread roll with chicken and it feels like it will last the distance to dinner.

Cheese and Bacon Rolls

Cheese and Bacon rolls
Cheese and Bacon rolls

Another great recipe from These are as good as the Bakers Delight ones.  Crunchy on the top and soft and fluffy in the middle … Perfect ! Took them out of the oven not a minute too soon, after  18 mins on fanbake, they would have been burnt by 20 mins and probably would have been done by 12-15 mins in our oven. Finding we don’t need to fanbake any of her bread recipes either, made these another time on nomal bake and increased to fanbake last 5 minutes to brown a little more. Will be going straight into freezer after they cool for lunchboxes. Hah…Well and truly fallen off the paleo wagon, it’s impossible when you see and smell the bread baking.

Raisin buns

Raisin buns
Raisin buns

In love with all thermomumma’s bread recipes ( see link above) When I  thought we’d lost them because they were no longer to be found on the recipe community website, ridiculously, depression had set in. (note print off  your favourite recipes just in case) As soon as they were discovered on a new blog, of course I had to make one up and retest.  Around midnight these glorious soft fresh raisin buns popped from the oven.  And the smell of bread baking woke miss 14, together we had a midnight feast of raisin buns.  Completely wrong but soooooo good. This is her sweet bun recipe made into raisin buns instead of iced finger buns. But they can be made into scrolls, plain sweet rolls, iced buns, custard buns and perfect frozen straight after cooking and cooling. You can reheat in microwave so easily or pop into lunchbox frozen, defrost perfectly by lunchtime.  Awesome recipe.

Charlie’s thin pizza base

Charlie's thin pizza base
Charlie’s thin pizza base

The guided pizza dough recipe is great but if you prefer a lighter thin pizza base, Charlie’s thin pizza base from the recipe community  is perfect. It is as simple to make as the guided recipe and even shorter proving time.  And it’s as light as pita bread. Miss 14 topped with standard ham cheese and pineapple. (Chop cheese at speed 8 until sound changes, check consistency through lid)

Homemade burger buns and white bread loaf

Burger buns and white bread loaf
Burger buns and white bread loaf

Homemade burgers and bread loaf. Used the recipe above from thermomumma’s blog but used  half for burger buns and half for loaf tin.  Friday night takeaway food at home. What makes them special tonight is Chelsea Winter’s secret sauce made from gherkins, mayonnaise, mustard.


Sliced the bread loaf for the freezer. Turned out great.

Sliced loaf

Nutella scrolls

Nutella scrolls
Nutella scrolls

Used Annabel Langbein’s sticky bun recipe from her website. ( link below) for these nutella scrolls. Definately a treat, nutella and  sugar and cinnamon. Ran out of milk and used 1/2 coconut milk, still worked great.

Sticky Buns Adapted for thermomix:- ( dough fills two large cake tins)

  • Add 125g butter and 490g milk to TM bowl. Heat 2.5 minutes, 50C, speed 2. Until butter melted.
  • Add one a sachet of dried yeast and 100g sugar. Heat 2 mins, 37C , speed 1.5. Leave 10 minutes, till yeast appears frothy.
  • Add 846g (6cups) flour, tsp salt. mix 6 sec on speed 5 first then, Knead 3.5 minutes dough mode.
  • Place dough in a large pot, I place pot in warm water for around 1 hour till dough has doubled in size.
  • Halve dough, place one in fridge/freezer for use another day. Follow instructions in recipe link above for rolling out, filling and second prove.

30 Second Whole Orange Cake

Mandarin  and poppyseed muffins
Mandarin and poppyseed muffins

30 seconds to make a cake, or in this case muffins. The famous 30 second orange cake from the recipe community is made from one whole orange, peel included, and literally takes 30 seconds to make in the thermomix. We used 3 whole mandarins and made muffins instead. Baked in 15 minutes at 180c fan bake. Awesome recipe, can see why it had 300 + glowing comments. Followed some of members’ suggestions and reduced sugar from 200g to 130g and butter from 225g to 200g. Added 2 TB poppyseeds. Fantastic recipe, crunchy top moist centre and lovely flavour.

Nb best eaten fresh or on the day otherwise freeze to retain softness.