Fruity Dream ( soft serve ice cream)


The guided fruity dream recipe is truly amazing  but when using frozen fruit it’s sometimes a bit tricky to get the butterfly moving at the slower speeds through frozen fruit . Today’s fruit choice is a four berry mix ( strawberries , blackberries , blueberries and grapes )  We overcome the mixing issue by adding the egg white to the frozen fruit and then using the normal blades to premix and soften the fruit and egg white before inserting the butterfly to finish off the creaming .

We loooove this ice cream !! It’s so quick and so impressive seeing frozen fruit transformed into the most wonderful soft serve ice cream in our kitchen .  Knowing that it is just frozen fruit with just one egg white and a table spoon of sugar takes any guilt away from an Easter afternoon treat.

Fruity Dream ( Our method )

  1.  Add 25g of sugar ( reduced from 80g in guided recipe )   to TM bowl, process at speed 9 for 10 seconds
  2. Add 500g frozen fruit to sugar  , mix 10 seconds, speed 8/9.
  3. Add egg white , mix at speed 7/8 until softening and starting to cream a little
  4. Insert butterfly whisk , mix 30-40 seconds /speed 3 until smooth and creamy

Food magic in a minute . Can serve immediately or place into freezer to store . So good !