Soft Paleo Bread Rolls (no proving needed)

Soft paleo buns
Soft paleo bread rolls
This recipe has been highly recommended. If you’re looking for paleo bread rolls  then they fit the bill, super soft straight from oven and still soft when cooled down. Made from psyllium husks, coconut flour and assorted seeds. The texture is not fluffy like normal bread but denser and slightly chewy, the  chia seeds add a little crunchiness which is nice. I used a tsp regular sugar instead of coconut sugar. The dough is quite wet but easy enough to shape and the time to make is significantly quicker than normal bread buns because there’s no proving required. Simply grind the husks then mix in the other ingredients.  Not sure if kids will like them, they may be too healthy for them!But they’re very filling. I just had one bread roll with chicken and it feels like it will last the distance to dinner.