Potato Leek and Bacon Soup

Potato Leek and Bacon Soup
Potato Leek and Bacon Soup


The guided leek and potato soup part of the chicken velouté meal makes a great side dish quantity but this Friday night no one feels like cooking.  So a full meal of leek and potato  soup would be great. Tried this recipe from the community which has bacon added and uses 500g of potato and 700g of liquids ( milk/water/cream). Much larger than the 370g of potato and 500 g water used in the guided recipe.  It’s delicious, everyone loved it. Hot creamy soup with some toast is perfect for a cold Friday night. Substituted 100g creme fraiche for cream.

Another popular Leek and Potato soup which has 52 favourable comments ( link below ) and is an even larger step up in quantities from the guided recipe. This one uses  600g of potatoes and 1.125g of liquids. Will try this one another night.