Chicken and Sweetcorn soup

Chicken and sweetcorn soup

Used the above recipe from the community  as a base to convert our own family recipe which is very similar but doesn’t have onions. We can have this with stir fried vegetables and dinner is done. Or as a lunch or afternoon tea on it’s own. The kids love this soup after school.

Chicken and sweetcorn soup

  • 1000g chicken stock
  • 400g sliced chicken (used chicken thighs)
  • 1 Tb soy sauce
  • 1cm ginger
  •  420g cream corn
  • 300g corn kernels
  • 1 Tb cornflour mixed into 60ml water
  • 2 eggs lightly whisked
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Add ginger to TM bowl,  blitz 3 sec, speed 7
  2. Add stock ( 2Tb TM chicken stock paste in 1000g water), chicken, soy sauce, both corns. Cook 20 minutes, 100 C, reverse speed 1. Make sure chicken is cooked through at this stage.
  3. Start cooking 2 mins, 105 C, reverse speed 1. Add cornflour water mixture, eggs and sesame oil.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste,  garnish with spring onions

A heartwarming soup made so simply with the thermomix.