Amazing Fish balls

Fish balls
Fish balls

Never thought we’d be able to make fish balls this good ever.  Fish ball noodle soup  is something that brings back fond childhood memories. Whenever we went to Asia we would literally get off the plane and go searching for the most delicious fish ball noodle soup. For us it’s our favourite soul food. Eating it we would be grinning from ear to ear like Cheshire cats. When my mother made fish balls, it was a hugely labour intensive job. The fish would be filleted and then the flesh removed. Afterwards the fish meat  was chopped finely back and forth with a cleaver and worked into a paste. I always remember the constant mashing with the cleavers to get the perfect consistency.  The good fish ball has that springy texture and just the right amount of “squish”. The bought ones are full of chemicals and msg so to find an easy homemade recipe was high on the list. Having seen similar methods used in most of the recipes, making fish balls by hand was not something we have the time to do during the week.

Then I found this  simple recipe on a different thermomix recipe website :- ‘’.

We’re beside ourselves with excitement eating these fish balls. They’re squishy and bouncy and delicious! And the best part is,  they were supremely simple to make with the thermomix, the recipe called for 500 gm fish, I used 550 gm of tarakihi,  cornflour, ice, salt and pepper, blended for 5 seconds then  kneaded for 3 minutes. So easy, the only messy part is forming into small balls by hand. Popped into boiling chicken stock in the thermomix. Cooked in around 5 minutes until they float merrily on the top.  Probably the best thermomix find so far! This is pure simple soul food…  And homemade. Joy.