Moroccan chicken, pumpkin, cous cous salad with a kumara and lentil soup

Warm chicken pumpkin and cous cous salad
Warm chicken pumpkin and cous cous salad
Lentil and kumara soup

This recipe was demonstrated at the last thermomix course. The Varoma is used to steam the pumpkin and chicken and cous cous while the bowl cooks the lentil and sweet potato soup at the same time. Some things I did wrong.. I used green lentils from a can instead of dried red lentils so the soup was a bit watery but still tasty. Should have decreased the water added. And the cous cous was still very hard after steaming so had to finish off cooking on the stove. I note this comment was made by a few other members under the recipe. The sundried tomato dip converted to dressing was quite thick but with a little water and extra olive oil was easier to mix through the salad.  Will try the Italian option next time. Overall still a good meal, very healthy, and  kids ate it.  Great if you’re feeding a large family but you could chose to prepare just salad and dressing if you didn’t want soup.