KFC Krispy fried chicken

KFC Krispy fried chicken


Struck gold again ! This is the first batch of KFC chicken made by blending spices in the thermomix. This recipe is from “the road to loving my thermomix’s” blog and was posted onto the recipe community,  link above.  After a few nights of easy soups, stews and one pot meals, tonight we definately felt like some fried food.  The spice mix was milled in the thermomix with some flour and breadcrumbs I had leftover. The recipe makes plenty of spice rub, probably enough for two meals. Used thinly sliced chicken breast, egg wash and dipped into spice mix twice before lightly  pan frying.  The kids verdict is it’s better than KFC.  That’s not a light recommendation. And all natural with 10 different herbs and spices, no additives or flavourings, it’s a great blend to add to the kitchen cupboard.