Cleaning out fridge

Mac and cauliflower cheese bake, broccoli salad
Mac and cauliflower cheese bake,  with a vegetable salad
Vegetable soup
Vegetable soup

In preparation for Christmas we cleaned out our fridge and decided to use up all the leftover vegetables for dinner. Quarter of a head of cauliflower was blitzed into a mac and cheese bake, white sauce made in thermomix. And six tomatoes, the wobbly ends of two celery  stalks along with the fabulous thermomix vegetable stock and egg ribbons became a light tomatoey soup. Used a quick 10 minute recipe from the TMX lunchbox snack recipe book. Good fast food to sit in front of TV  after a long day of spring cleaning. Kids loved the combination of pasta cauliflower and cheese. And the soup and salad was perfect for the mum and dad.