Marmite and Cheese scrolls ( sticky bun recipe)

Marmite and cheese scrolls
Marmite and cheese scrolls

Used Annabel Langbein’s sticky bun recipe and substituted marmite and cheese for cinnamon and sugar. Snap frozen for lunch boxes. Love making bread doughs with the thermomix.

Sticky Buns Adapted for thermomix:- ( dough fills two large cake tins)

  1. Add 125g butter and 490g milk to TM bowl. Heat 2.5 minutes, 50C, speed 2.  Until butter melted.
  2. Add one a sachet of dried yeast and 100g sugar. Heat 2 mins, 37C , speed 1.5. Leave 10 minutes, till yeast appears frothy.
  3. Add 846g (6cups) flour, tsp salt. mix 6 sec on speed 5 first then, Knead 3.5 minutes dough mode.
  4. Place dough in a large pot, I place pot in warm water for around 1 hour till dough has doubled in size. Halve dough, place one in fridge/freezer for use another day. Follow instructions in recipe link above for rolling out, filling and second prove.